The Art of Sculpture

3-Dimensional Art, Installation, Ceramics, and Ancient to Contemporary Sculptural Forms.
Awaiting the Mariner, 2002. Dublin, Ireland.


Awaiting the Mariner, 2002Dublin, Ireland.


She’s fired! This is the piece I had uploaded on here a few months back while it was still unfinished. I supposed its still not complete. I have to repair her hand and foot still and I may add paint to it to blend out some of the colors, and highlight others that didn’t come out as much as I would have liked with the underglazes. Hopefully soon I will make a post of her ACTUALLY finished to my liking, but until then, enjoy!

(via fired-earth)

You know that the most important means for you to create is your subconscious. Everything important comes from your subconscious. If you plan everything you’d be kidding your subconscious. So I don’t plan anything.